The Leontievs' workshop

«Zhostovskiy booket» (bunch of flowers) private firm was founded in 2005 year on basis of personal the Leontievs' workshop, and other craft workshops of Zhostovo. The Leontievs' workshop is continuing the tradition of old masters' craft.

Leontieva Natalia Vladimirovna (1963)  graduaded from The Fedoskino Art School of miniature lacquer painting craft, the department «Painting of Zhostovo trays". She was participant of many international and national exibitions. Leontiev Sergey Vasilievich (1964), who was an apprentice of Honoured Painter V.N. Pyzhov  from 1980 till 1982. Leontiev Vasiliy Sergeevich (1986) is a continuer of traditions of  the Leontievs' workshop


Manufacturing of Zhostovo trays of any shape and wide offer of colour according to preference of customers.

Address of shops:

Main: Moskovskaya oblast, Mitischiskiy region, village Zhostovo, 8

Vernisage Izmaylovo

Vernisage  Sergiev-posad

Vernisage  Uglich

Email:  zhostovo_trays@mail.ru

Trays of Leontieva Natalia